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What are Fordyce spots?

Fordyce spots are 1-3mm sized ectopic sebaceous glands. These benign skin developments often manifest on the male genital, often also near the facial lips and can pose esthetic disturbance as well as itching. They are not pathological, but offensive in appearance.

Until now a vast array of therapeutic options such as laser therapy, ointment therapy or with cauterization techniques have been offered. The patients have not often been satisfied with the results.

We offer a special micro- punch therapy as treatment for Fordyce spots. Prof. Pallua developed this technique in 2003 and it has been used since then with huge success.


Fordyce's disease can also affect the lips, so is it possible to remove it at this location?

The sebaceous glands are often located in the red borders of the lips. If they cause any discomfort, or are conspiccuos, they can also be microsurgicaly removed .


Does treatment of fordyce's disease affect sensitivity of penis or mouth?

No, the sensitivity is completely preserved.


Why is it recommended to minimize the number of cigaretes smoked before the operation or even stop smoking?

Within 2-3 weeks before the operation smokers should drastically reduce the number of cigaretes smoked, or even stop smoking to avoid therisk of violations of the wound healing process. Nicotine constrics blood vessels, thus reducing the tissue blood supply


Is it necessary to pre-prepare the skin?

Prior to surgery take care of the corresponding region of the skin, using special products for skin care. This will increase metabolism in the skin and activate the process of regeneration.


Is it possible to take all the medications as usual?

Administration of blood thinners should be discontinued at least one to two weeks prior to surgery, after consulting with your primary care physician. 


Is it permitted to show photos "before" and "after"?

Since 01.04.2006, in accordance with the provisions of the new german law on pharmaceuticals, photos "before" and "after" plastic surgery are not allowed to be shown.


When is it allowed to take sunbathes, swim, and visit the sauna again?

For at least 3 months after the surgery you have to protect the surgery area from UV-rays. Otherwise, dark scars, or dark spots may accur. Clorinated water can cause discoloration and permanent whitening of the skin. To reduce the occurence of postoperative edema, you should avoid visiting sauna for  2 to 3 months.


What is plastic surgery? Doas ordinary health insurance cover the costs?

Plastic surgery means plastic surgery, which is performed without any medical indications, other than esthetic reasons, to improve an appearance. These interventions are not covered by health insurance, and are subjected to VAT.


Is it possible to independently drive home by car after surgery?

Do not drive on your own, as drugs used may have negative impact on your ability to drive. 


When is it possible to have sex again?

The sutures are removed after about seven days. Ussually, you can resume the sexual activities three weeks after the surgery. 


When is it possible to evaluate the final result of the operation?

Depending on the individual healing potential it is expected to observe the final results after three to six months, once the scars are fully matured and least visible.